Men’s and Women’s guide to understand the strong independent woman's personality

     Whether you are a woman or a man, you must have found yourself one day wondering about the characteristics which make a woman becomes a strong independent one. You must have found yourself thinking about the personality and the life vision of such a woman, and about how to deal with her unlimited desire to lead and to move quickly on life stages.

    It very often becomes hard for people surrounding these women to understand their actions and decisions, and that’s why it is very important to read this article. By reading this article, you’ll be able to understand them more.

   Here are some characteristics that make strong independent women so unique and different, and as a consequence, harder to be understood:

1-    Strong independent women are always bold and willing to speak up their minds: they don’t hesitate to tell people around them about what they think even if they know they might be judged for that. They are always ready to think out of the box, and stand out of the crowd. Strong independent women always remain confident about their thoughts, and they’re always ready to defend what they consider to be right.

2-    Strong independent women are willing to go for everything they want: they can respect and appreciate what other people see it’s the best for them, but once they make up their minds and take a decision, they go for it with no hesitation or fear. They believe they can decide for themselves, and they always take the responsibility for their actions.

3-    Strong independent women have very high self-esteem: they trust themselves and their abilities. They are so confident that they keep being ready to move forward chasing their dreams and goals. They don’t get afraid when an unexpected thing happens to them; instead, they start doing their best to use it for their benefit and fortune. Strong independent women don’t need help to succeed from anyone because they know exactly what they want, what they should do, and how to do it greatly.

4-    Strong independent women seek always to improve their financial situation and independency: because they feel so responsible for their own lives and their own choices, they always work to get more financial freedom. They are always working on plans and new ways to raise their incomes and extend their financial circle. Strong independent women do never neglect their tasks.

5-    Strong independent women are so selective when it comes to choosing people they can surround themselves with: they’re not rude or elegant, but they pay a lot of attention to choose who deserves to be part of their social network. Because they know their worth and capability; they want the people surrounding them to be ambitious, motivated, successful, positive, and more importantly, cultivated and intellectual. They always try to select people who’d support them grow and remain positive, not the contrary, because they’d do the same in return. And they also don’t get into things where they don’t feel they’re the priority.

6-    Strong independent women are often considered to be role models by other women around them: strong independent women are always seen as models to follow and to imitate in everything. They are always confident that they start having an amazing influential effect on everyone around them. Their willingness to lead and to have an impact affects almost everyone so quickly and effectively that they start unconsciously copy them. 

There are many things to avoid while dealing with one of these strong independent women because they may make her very upset with you. Here is a list of the things you should never do while interacting with this type of women:

1-    Don’t you ever try to challenge their ability to decide.

2-    Don’t you ever try to show that you have power over them without their permission.

3-    Don’t you ever try to neglect their opinions or feedback.

4-    Don’t you ever try to tell them what to do or what not to do without their will.

5-    Don’t you ever dare to make them choose between their careers and you because they will choose their careers.

6-    Don’t you ever try to make them change the way they think.

7-    Don’t you ever try to make them feel they are not strong enough.

8-    Don’t you ever try to make them feel weak or helpless.

Instead, you have to make them feel supported, loved, appreciated, and they will make you feel the same way in return. These women are the best to make friendships and life plans with because they’ll always stand by your side and double their efforts to push you forward. These creatures have an amazing ability to make the worst situations easy to overcome and deal with. They are full of positivity, love, and kindness. 

Written by fatima ezzahrae ould jedda

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